Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Manicure Monday

Oh no! I got home from Centerparcs late today, sit down to relax and watch The Hunt (which is absolutely amazing, by the way!) and then I suddenly realised I hadn't done any Manicure Monday nails!
Well, I tried to quickly do some and despite the fact that they're not the best they're done now...
and it must be Monday still somewhere in the world, right!?

I used so many random polishes that I can't possibly name them all as I don't even know what half of them are,
but the blue background is Barry M Gelly Nail Paint - Huckleburry (402)

I don't know why it happens, and it's really very annoying, but the quality of the picture is terrible and actually - they look better in real life, which never normally happens for me.

I attempted these for Nail Pornography's weekly competition; Nails of the Week.
Each week the girls choose a theme and you can create nails and submit your photo for the vote which commences on a Thursday at 11:59pm - and the winner is crowned on Saturday.
This week's theme is Woodland Creatures.
This links to my nail blog, which you should go and have a look at and give me some *constructive* advice if you haven't had a look already!

I was going to do Squirrels after my weekend away in Centerparcs - which I might redo anyway - but I thought the badger was cute and fitting, as we re-nicknamed my boyfriend badger after our weekend away.

I got the inspiration for my nails from this image on Pinterest but unfortunately the link to the blog doesn't work so I can't credit the illustrator of this gorgeous picture!

I know I could've done so much better but, time is ticking and I'm almost out of Monday!
I'll update you soon, hopefully with new and better nails for the competition!
But now it's 01:50am here and I need to get myself some beauty sleep!

What do you think of the design?

May x



  1. These are so freaking cute!


  2. This is so amazing! I love your nails! It's perfect for this time of the year! I really love this!
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    1. Aw thank you, I appreciate it!
      I love the badger but the floral pattern didn't go as I wanted it to!

      May x

  3. No way! I'm at center parcs right now! Which one did you go to? I'm definitely going to need me nails done by the time I get home haha hope you had a fun time! I love your badger nails xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. I love Centerparcs! I went to Elvedon, where are you?
      I had a lovely time, hope you're enjoying your week!
      You can always go to the Spa and get your some gels on!

      May x


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