Thursday, 12 November 2015

Autumn Walk 2.0

As the autumn slowly dwindles out, the nights get shorter and the air gets colder and in creeps winter...
along with laryngitis and a chest infection for lucky old me.
Despite the fact that the air is very damp and extremely bad for my chest right now, I couldn't help but need the fresh air so I took myself for a little walk again to get myself out of the house and to hopefully get a few snaps of the last dribs and drabs of the autumn scenery.

I wasn't feeling completely up to taking photographs, but what I did really enjoy was making friends with the cutest little horse.
This one I felt particularly bad for, tied up and left in the cold...
He was so friendly he followed me as far as he could and then nuzzled my leg for me to pat him on the head. 
I'm normally very wary of horses, but this one was lovely.

{It was bordering on impossible to get a photo of him wanting to be stroked because I only bought my 50mm lens out with me and he kept fidgeting every time the camera made a noise!}

I found myself a little rock to sit on while watching the horses.
There was noone around and it was so peaceful - it's something I recommend everyone to do once in a while. I even turned off my camera for a while and just watched them gallop around.
Just go for a walk alone and gain back some of your sanity.

I sat myself on a little path when this one came over to see me, and as I previously said I have always been wary of horses but I thought;
'Oh! The other one was so nice I shouldn't be scared - I'll go in for a stroke as he's come to see me!'.
It tried to bite me, little shit! And then happily trotted off to the other horse in the distance.

And this is the last picture I took, I kept the autumnal colours to match the rest of the images from this blogpost but actually on my instagram I prefer the brown hue. This is now my cover photo on facebook because I think it's so cute - it's like they're having a little chat!

And then, they ran and they ran straight towards me but I was back against a bush so I panicked..
So, here's me genuinely scared of the evil horse that bit me and one that is now charging at me,
but apparently finding it funny! (It is funny now)

Hope you've all had a lovely day and with the end of autumn and winter approaching you haven't been given any dreaded illness'!

May   x


  1. Lol. Horses eh. They all have different temperaments, some nice some nasty. Depends how they have been treated I think. The secret is to try to work out what the animal is like before approaching it.

    Glad you are OK.

    Countryside looks nice where you live...

  2. [ Smiles ] Hmm. I never came across a horse that ever tried to bite me.

    1. Hope you never do Renard. Horses have strong teeth. You could lose a finger...!


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