Day Zero

1001 days to do 101 things. I suppose it's like a shorter version of a bucket list, which everyone has, right?! It just means I can update it more as life goes on? I can see myself setting the bar too high and expecting too much of myself and needing more that 1001 days because I'm useless, but I'll try my best! It's not like it's going to be a chore, it's all the things I want to do! I wonder how these next 1001 days are going to go!
{I got this idea because I was linked to this website from a previous blog; I think you should all try it too!}

Things I've always wanted to do:
   1. Travel
   2. Create a travel journal
   3. Get a job I actually like
   4. Go on Holiday with my best friends  {07/09/14 - 14/09/14}
   5. Volunteer abroad
   6. Go camping
   7. Backpack and Interrailing around Europe
   8. Swim with Dolphins
   9. Long weekend away with the girls to a new city
   10. Send a message in a bottle .. and hope for a reply!
   11. Go to a boxing class
   12. Volunteer with animals
   13. 7 random acts of kindness
   14. Make a patchwork quilt
   15. Join 'The world needs more love letters' project
   16. Watch the sunrise
   17. Watch the sunset
   18. Take my parents out for dinner {my treat!}
   19. Become a vegetarian again
   20. Go to a happy hour

Health and Lifestyle:
   21. Join a gym
   22. Get down to my goal weight (8st)
   23. Grow my hair longer than my boobs
   24. Complete Jason Vale's 5 Day Juicing Detox
   25. Run 5K
   26. Complete the squat challenge
   27. Go for a relaxing spa weekend
   28. Join the cycling club dad goes to

Stuff I want to buy:
   29. Canon 5D MIII
   30. 50mm F1.8 Lens
   31. Canon Flash Gun
   32. Polaroid Camera
   33. UV Nail Lamp
   34. Collection of Gel Nails
   35. Levi's shorts {I tried on almost every pair - I don't want a pair any more they're horrid.}
   36. Designer Sunglasses 
   37. A lottery ticket
   38. Tickets to see a comedian
   39. A wardrobe
   40. A new handbag
   41. Running shoes
   42. A Mac lipstick

Places I want to go:
   43. America
   44. Centerparcs
   45. Portugal
   46. The Zoo
   47. Australia
   48. Alton Towers
   49. A Carnival
   40. An aquarium
   51. To see the Lion King in theatre
   52. Ireland
   53. Go Ape
   54. A festival
   55. An outdoor cinema
   56. Europe
   57. Scotland
   58. Cornwall {and learn bodyboarding!}

Thing I want to achieve:
   59. Graduate uni with a high grade {preferably a 1st} [I got a 2:1 - good enough!]
   60. Learn Sign Language
   61. Learn to drive
   62. Learn to cook 10 different things by heart
   63. Get out of my student debt with the bank
   64. Have my photography or film work shown somewhere. [Truman Gallery]
   65. Have an epic final major project  {Unfortunately it wasn't that epic}
   66. A collaboration with other bloggers {get in touch!}
   67. 1000 followers
   68. Get a new job
   69. Review a product for free
   70. Get over my fear of the sea {or at least don't have a panic attack in there}
   71. Get my own business cards for nails or photography
   72. Guest post on another blog
   73. Create the perfect photography portfolio website

Everything else:
   74. Have a pet Chinchilla
   75. Plant something ... anything
   76. Go on a pub crawl
   77. Build and fly a kite
   78. Go stargazing
   79. Ride a horse
   80. Learn to make Granma's Jam
   81. Start an art journal
   82. Learn crochet
   83. Go Kayaking 
   84. Raise £500 for charity
   85. Get a new piercing
   86. Redecorate my bedroom
   87. Make pink lemonade
   88. Read 50 books {2/50}
   89. Attempt pole dancing
   90. Have a pen-pal - a real, hand written letters one {contact me if interested!}
   91. Go to bingo
   92. Watch 26 movies I've never seen, starting with the letters of the alphabet 
   93. Make / Sew my own item of clothing
   94. Get / Start a Q&A a day 5 year journal {06/08/2014}
   95. Go on a date
   96. Answer 50 questions that will free your mind {21/10/2014}
   97. Update my photo wall
   98.  Try 10 new restaurants {5/10}
   99. Build a ginger bread house {28/12/14}
   100. Add 10 more goals
   101. Put £10 into a savings account for every goal I achieve

   1. Visit the London Poppies {06/11/2014}
   2. Fundraise enough for our London Show exhibition
   3. See CATS in London {15/12/14}
   4. Get a Go Pro
   5. Go Ice Skating
   6. Christmas Shoeboxes {29/11/2014}
   7. Visit the Cat Cafe
   8. Bake Something!
   9. Go on Holiday with Daniel

So far: 28/111

Start Date; 3rd August, 2015
End Date; 30th April, 2018
{wow, that seems like such a long time}

If you're wanting to get involved, write your lists and post the links in the comments below! I'd love to see them!

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  1. Hey,
    great list. I actually have my own little list going on, basically the same, just half of it. Feel free to check it out :)
    Best, Lou.


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