Friday, 27 February 2015

Feel Good Friday

I haven't done my nails in so long as I've just been so busy with third year work and work-work but this morning I thought, that's it. I need some pampering.
And there's nothing I've missed more than having my nails painted decently.
So here they are, my new Matte Burgundy Nails with Red Roses...

{Basecoat: Essie - 'Sole Mate' with Barry M Matte Topcoat}

& now i'm gonna go buy myself a new lipstick and some face masks and goodies,
Happy Friday!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pancake Thursday {Healthy Edition}

When pancake day comes along all I think of is the unhealthy piles of crap we can pile on top of them; ice cream, chocolate, sauce, flakes... etc, etc...

So, I thought this pancake day, I'd do something a little bit different - and I found a healthy alternative, which tastes just as good!
Unfortunately, my pancake day was belated due to working but I've finally had my fair share today!

I brought bananas, eggs, lemon juice, raspberries, natural yogurt, nutella, and this new super cute mini pan to make perfectly round pancakes!

So, pancakes are pretty simple anyway right? but this healthy option is even easier. Cut up 2 bananas and add 4 eggs, put it in the processor, mix it up until it's all liquified and your 'batter' is ready!
I made double the amount for me and my mum, so if you're only making them for one person you only need 2 eggs and one banana.

Fry the 'batter' like a normal pancake... and Voila! There you have it, you're perfectly healthy and super easy pancakes!

These were mine all stacked up. I had yogurt, raspberries, chopped up banana, white chocolate chips and honey on mine, but there were plenty of other healthy options I wanted to have, like peanut butter and banana, the classic - lemon and sugar, apple and cinnamon or even strawberries and frozen yogurt!

Has anyone else made these healthy alternative pancakes before?
and how were all your pancakes?!
Think I might have to make up for the healthiness by having some with ice cream tomorrow!

Monday, 9 February 2015

Weekly Wishes #2

Last Week's 'Weekly Wishes' was the first one, and I couldn't have chosen a more hectic week to start it! I worked a hell of a lot, had birthday celebrations, baby sitting and a fresh start at uni; but at least I made a good shot at my weekly wishes!

My 3 goals for last week were to think of a Final Major Project idea, Eat Healthily and Buy a new Lipstick.

Truthfully, at the first {and most important} goal, I failed. It's giving me stress but I'm really struggling to think of an idea - why is it so hard! I'll carry this goal through to this week, I need to get the ball rolling!

As for eating healthily, aside from chocolate brownies which I had for a birthday meal - I've done really well! I've been taking my vitamins and eating my 5 a day - I've even cut down on junk!
And, I brought a new lipstick! Topshop Creamy Finish Lipsticks are my new favourite! New post coming soon...

#1. Clean My Make-up Brushes
This is something I've been meaning to do for a very long time. I am as guilty as many others when I say I never do it. But they're really starting to need it.
#2. Go To The Library
I want to start reading again, I started reading a book last week but it was terrible and I just couldn't get into it, so I stopped. I am gonna write myself a list and go see what I can hunt down!
#3. 'The World Needs More Love Letters' Project
 It's valentines day at the end of this week, and although this is a time for couples to spread their love it's also a strange holiday for others. 'The World Needs More Love Letters' is something I've been wanting to get involved in for a while and it is on my Day Zero Project, just to spread a little cheer around and what better time than around Valentines.

Any suggestions for books on my Library Trip?
Anyone else want to get involved in 'The World Needs More Love Letters'? 
If you have/will, get in touch!

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Boosting my Vitamins

I'm a bit sceptical when it comes to things like taking vitamin and mineral supplements, I used to think taking them was more of a psychological thing. But when I started uni I got very ill, very often when living in halls. So many people, so many germs! So I started taking Multivitamins and surprisingly they really did help!

So, due to my health kick this week, I'm back on to the vitamins with brand new purchases and hopefully I'll get some life back into me...

Multivitamins with Iron
I'm slightly anaemic so my mum got these multivitamins from Boots, as most normal multivitamins don't come with iron. These tablets are designed to build and enhance immunity, strengthen bones and give you more energy - which they certainly have for me!

Vitamin D3
Vitamin D was suggested to me by a doctor for two reasons; weak bones and depression.
I have had my hip operated on, and the other is cracked and waiting for an operation. I have also been diagnosed with depression, which is under control at the minute, but vitamin D was a suggestion for both of these as it is thought to be linked to both. They are also suitable for Vegetarians! Yipee!

Sea Kelp Tablets
I am forever moaning about how my hair won't grow... It's been the same length for god knows how long, it won't grow, it always snaps, blah blah blah! Turns out it's linked to my thyroid, but I saw a recommendation for these tablets in a magazine and I thought, what the heck! I'm willing to give anything a shot for luscious locks! PLEASE WORK!

What does everyone else think about vitamins?
Anyone take anything similar, or has anyone used Sea Kelp tablets?
I'm desperately hoping for a miracle! Haha!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Weekly Wishes #1

Week upon week I've been thinking of multiple things to add to my to-do list, and it's gradually becoming bigger than I had wanted. Often they're not even things that matter that much, just the little things that always get left behind and forgotten about.
Weekly wishes is an effort to keep myself busy, and doing the things I know I should be ... rather than spending every spare minute that I'm not working watching gossip girl

These 'wishes' are more like goals than wishes, and i'll try and have 3 each week.
Hopefully they'll be things I can make blog posts out of too!

#1. Think of my Final Major Project Idea. 
 So, I usually struggle with thinking of projects and today was my first day back at uni. My last semester is here and it's the big one - so trust me to get complete creative block. AH! I need to do some serious mind-mapping! It took me a very long time to think of last semesters project, which you can see here, so I need to get going early this month!

#2. Eat Healthily All Week.
Me and my mum are gonna try and juice in the day and have a healthy meal at night. Let's see if I can cope!
This includes no chocolate! Chocolate is my Kryptonite. I can't avoid the brownies, the wagon wheels, the mars bars, the snickers bars ... oops, I think I'm dribbling.

#3 Buy a New Lipstick.
I'm a bit addicted to lipsticks, I seem to buy too many, but I only have a few day time colours.
I need a new one!

So, let's see how this goes!
What are your weekly goals?!

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