Friday, 1 April 2016

I'm on the move!

Both physically and in the blogging world, I've decided it's time to get going...
I've continuously blogged lots of random things here at Drops of Brandy, but never really found my niché. My life ambition has always been to travel, as there isn't a job that I am extra desperate for that requires me to stay in one place and I just want to be adventurous and see what's out there, and use my photography endlessly!

Which is why I have come to the end of Drops of Brandy.
You served me well, little blog, but it's time to move on...

Come May 15th, I'll be off on my first backpacking adventure around Europe and I feel like blogging about travelling is something I can definitely give more on!

I have, instead, created myself a Travel Blog!
Come follow me over at The Little Blonde Backpacker!

We bought our train tickets with Interrail and are so excited to get going... and as we're leaving before the 16th May, we get 15% off!

We used the Interrail Planner to organise our trip; starting with the Eurostar into Belgium from London. Then to Amsterdam > Berlin > Prague > Krakow > Budapest > Zagreb > Split > Vienna > Venice > Zurich and finally, Paris before we head home on the Eurostar again. 

I'm super, super, super duper excited to go on my first trip around Europe - who knows where it will lead me!

Please, head over and follow my new story at The Little Blonde Backpacker for my new travel adventure!

I've also created a Twitter, an Instagram, a Bloglovin' and a Pinterest account; all travel themed!!

I look forward to having you follow my adventure with me,
And thanks for staying tuned for the past two years with Drops of Brandy,

Adios, Amigos! 

I'm off on my travel adventure, 

See you there xxx

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