Saturday, 18 October 2014

Pink Power

It's October! BREAST CANCER AWARENESS MONTH for those of you who do not know! Breast Cancer Awareness month is about raising awareness of the disease, but also about raising money for the researchers to continue to get closer to finding a cure for cancer.
Which is why I have done these pink ribbon and rose nails, get your pink on ladies!

Breast Cancer Research UK is a charity that is close to my heart because last year a close family friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went through chemo, sickness, hair loss - the whole evil cancer show.

As I am a photography student, Brenda offered to let me do my project on her and follow her through her journey of chemotherapy. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to show you all the final piece that I worked on for my degree, which transformed me from a photography lover to a video lover!
Please please please watch and support my video!
{You can also watch it more clearly here, on vimeo.}

Since filming took place, my family and I also did our best to raise money with a raffle and cake day, we managed to raise over £600 for Breast Cancer UK with the most simple fundraising ideas - think how much more you could do!

In the 1970's only 5 out of 10 women survived breast cancer. Now more than 8 out of 10 women survive. Our fundraising is working and providing answers for researchers to help more people survive the disease. So I want to urge you all to get involved and start fundraising today!

Oh and one more thing...

And I really hope it stays that way!

Stay safe women,
and remember...
A feel a day keeps the doctor away!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Day Zero Project | Go On a Holiday...

As some of you may know, I started the 'Day Zero Project' back in August.
You create your list of 101 things and you have 1001 days to complete it.
{You should also get involved, if you do post your link to your list below mine!}

One of the things on my list was to 'go on a holiday with my best friends'... and I can finally tick that one off!

{Jourdan, Hollie, Myself & Charlotte at Zante Water Village}

On 7th September, my three best friends and I set off on our first holiday together to the beautiful greek island, Zante. Yes, the island is known as a teenage destination for booze and partying but it is also an iconic greek island with beautiful scenery and plenty of wildlife - including turtles - so it is also a perfect family destination.

For us teenagers we obviously got involved in the nightlife and managed to do things such as foam parties, paint parties, boat parties and even got to see the amazing performers, Duke Beatbox on a night out, who were absolutely amazing. You should definitely check them out on Youtube. Even if Beat Boxing is not normally your thing, you cannot deny these guys have talent! We also attending the closing 'White Party' which is one of Zante's biggest parties on a separate island which was absolutely amazing and watching the sunset was also beautiful.

While we were away we rented out a boat for the day and visited turtle island and went and found the turtles in the sea, which was very well priced for the four of us! We moored up at turtle beach, although being the silly people we are we could do it and almost crashed our boat into someone else's and a french man came running to our rescue - he was wearing speedos, it was like something out of a film!

We laid on the beach for a while, then went for a drive around the caves, and through the ocean and went searching for turtles! You will not believe how excited we all got when we finally saw them! 

{And of course, we took selfies on the boat because this is the century of the selfie and you can't go anywhere without doing it!}


We also visited Zante Water Village - a definite day out if you're going to visit Zante. I went there last year with my family too, and it was just as good then! Although we had a little storm, it was still very good! 

We had an amazing time and although this post may not be of any use to you, I do recommend Zante to everyone so if you do feel like going these two days out are perfect for families, couples and teenagers. I just wanted to share my wonderful week with my favourite people and the Day Zero Project which I think you should all join!

Hope everyone enjoyed all their summer holidays,
Bring on Autumn and Winter!
Anyone else thinking of joining Day Zero?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Favourite Five: Things about Winter

Hello everyone!
I'm well aware that I have vanished over the past month - I've been so busy going back to uni and being extremely poorly that I just didn't have the time or passion to carry this on, but I'm back!

Talking of vanishing, Autumn seems to have disappeared over here and England has just gone straight into Winter!
I normally love Autumn with the beautiful scenery and colours, but instead we've gone straight from warm sunny days to freezing mornings, afternoons and nights, having to wrap up warm continuously to avoid getting hypothermia.

But there has to be some good things about winter! Here goes...

#1 Layers

Cosy jumpers, knits, sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, leggings, shirts, jeans - whatever. Any and all please. Winter is just basically the perfect excuse to dress down and be warm... and I love dressing down. And dressing up in so many layers I can hardly move my limbs.

#2 Indoor Date Nights

I don't have to dress up and wear short skirts or crop tops or tight dresses or anything, I can lounge around in leggings (and my cosy jumpers) with a blanket and watch movies and order a pizza and drink beer for a date night. Sounds perfect to me.

#3 Snow!

I'm not going to lie, like so many other 'adults' as soon as it snows I turn into a massive child. I sit at my window and watch it all fall, which I think is magical in itself, and then once it's thick enough I layer up and run around like a mad woman; throwing snowballs, making snowmen and doing snow angels... it's amazing! And then after all the fun once my hands and feet are frozen, snugging up by the fire with a hot chocolate is the best.

#4 Thunder Storms

I LOVE STORMS! I love thunder and lightening, and completely massive downpours. I will run to every window in my house just to see it all and sit and watch them for as long as they go on. And once the thunder and lightening has stopped, nothing is more satisfying to me than listening to the rain in bed. 

#5 Winter Fashion

Everything can be dark and edgy and fury and thick, deep reds and purples and blacks for your nails, make up, accessories and clothing. I actually prefer it a lot more to summer clothing which is all pretty girly!

Despite hating being cold, there are some pretty good pro's to winter too! Also the fact that Christmas is at the end of it, But I don't want to think about that right now!
What's your favourite things about winter?

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