Monday, 13 October 2014

Favourite Five: Things about Winter

Hello everyone!
I'm well aware that I have vanished over the past month - I've been so busy going back to uni and being extremely poorly that I just didn't have the time or passion to carry this on, but I'm back!

Talking of vanishing, Autumn seems to have disappeared over here and England has just gone straight into Winter!
I normally love Autumn with the beautiful scenery and colours, but instead we've gone straight from warm sunny days to freezing mornings, afternoons and nights, having to wrap up warm continuously to avoid getting hypothermia.

But there has to be some good things about winter! Here goes...

#1 Layers

Cosy jumpers, knits, sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, leggings, shirts, jeans - whatever. Any and all please. Winter is just basically the perfect excuse to dress down and be warm... and I love dressing down. And dressing up in so many layers I can hardly move my limbs.

#2 Indoor Date Nights

I don't have to dress up and wear short skirts or crop tops or tight dresses or anything, I can lounge around in leggings (and my cosy jumpers) with a blanket and watch movies and order a pizza and drink beer for a date night. Sounds perfect to me.

#3 Snow!

I'm not going to lie, like so many other 'adults' as soon as it snows I turn into a massive child. I sit at my window and watch it all fall, which I think is magical in itself, and then once it's thick enough I layer up and run around like a mad woman; throwing snowballs, making snowmen and doing snow angels... it's amazing! And then after all the fun once my hands and feet are frozen, snugging up by the fire with a hot chocolate is the best.

#4 Thunder Storms

I LOVE STORMS! I love thunder and lightening, and completely massive downpours. I will run to every window in my house just to see it all and sit and watch them for as long as they go on. And once the thunder and lightening has stopped, nothing is more satisfying to me than listening to the rain in bed. 

#5 Winter Fashion

Everything can be dark and edgy and fury and thick, deep reds and purples and blacks for your nails, make up, accessories and clothing. I actually prefer it a lot more to summer clothing which is all pretty girly!

Despite hating being cold, there are some pretty good pro's to winter too! Also the fact that Christmas is at the end of it, But I don't want to think about that right now!
What's your favourite things about winter?

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