Sunday, 14 September 2014

Favourite Five: Home Comforts

After my week away with the girls, despite having such an amazing time, I really am looking forward to getting back to normal. As much as we all love being on holiday and the things that come with it (the things from last weeks Favourite Five) I know we all love getting back home again too, although I don't love going back to work! Here are my favourite five home comforts:

#1 Home Cooked Meals
I love all my mum's dinners, but my favourite dinner ever is Macaroni Cheese, and my mum makes the best macaroni cheese you'll ever taste. I hope she's made me some for tonight... Or a curry, or a roast, or even anything with some kind of health in it would be amazing!

{This was one of mum's dinners she made for us girls and brought up to our uni house!}

#2 Cuddles with Sonny
When I left my poor baby was wearing a cone! I hope it's off now, poor little thing! Can't wait for a cuddle with him, he's always been my favourite thing about going home!

{Look at his gorgeous little face!}

#3 My Bed
This probably should've been number 1, my bed is so comfy! Can't wait to get back in it, it might be lethal though because I don't know if I'll be able to get back out!

{Fairy lights make everything better}

#4 My Mum
Maybe she does my head in sometimes because she's so OTT and over protective, but I love her and miss her a lot when she's not around! And maybe my dad too... and my brother...

{Family Selfie!}

#5 Comfy PJ's & A Day Infront of the TV
I think this one might be needed the most! But one of my favourite things is sitting in my PJ's all day, with fluffy socks, hot chocolate, snacks and watching the TV. This week may mean this next one is longer than a day...

So these are my favourite things about coming home and they slightly help with the holiday blues!
But we all know when we're going away that we have to come back eventually and go back to normality, and now is unfortunately the time!

What are everyone else's home comforts?


  1. awww i agree with all of these! I'mg going to miss all these things when I start uni in 5 days! :( x

    1. you might miss them but trust me when i say being at uni has more positives than these 5 of being at home! haha!
      I miss being at uni so so much, these 5 things don't make up for it!


  2. Awww, this is such a sweet post. I miss my home, too! I've been on the road (road trip across the American Southwest) for a bit over a month now, a I won't be home for another week. I miss my bed and spacious home.

    1. you might miss your home but that sounds amazing!
      keep enjoying it and don't wish it away too much,
      you'll regret it once you're home!


  3. there is no place like home! i really love this post. makes me appreciate all the little things

  4. My mum and family are definitely my home comforts too! Nothing beats coming back from uni halls for a good cooked meal!

    Heather x


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