Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Oh, Baby!

The time has come where I'm at an age where my friend's are starting to pop out a little'ns.
And although I can't quite understand the whole 'baby shower' concept, I found the Nappy Cake craze on Pinterest and instantly wanted to make one, so I made this for my friend Philippa at her baby shower who is soon to give birth to her baby boy.

I found some how-to instructions but to be honest they weren't a massive help. I didn't know what to get, or most importantly how many nappies to buy! So here's my own little 'how to make a nappy cake', because it's so hard to resist loving them and wanting to make one!

This is my final photo of the finished nappy cake!
(It's not great quality and I'm disappointed about that)

So, to start the process!
I brought myself 96 nappies. I brought new born nappies as I know how many nappies new mum's will get through and they'll be a help from as soon as the baby is born. And this meant I'd have a huge cake too... 96 is a lot. Apparently. But actually I could have done with more, you'll see why soon. 

I brought Mamia New-Born Nappies from Aldi, which were £1.49 for a pack of 24. Now for any of you that may be Aldi snobs, Mamia nappies are extremely good quality and great value especially in comparison to other popular brands such as Pampers which are £3.99 for 23.
Mamia have also received awards and recognition for their nappies, so don't feel bad for giving these as part of the nappy cakes. It means you're saving money for the cute things, like baby grows!

Next I opened the packs of nappies and started to roll them. I wrapped them inwards so that the cute rabbit picture on the front was hidden and the 'cake' was all white. I used plain white string to hold each of the nappies in place. 
As a bit of fun for the new mum, I added a celebration inside each of the nappies - whenever she changes a smelly nappy, she gets a treat! I think she'll deserve it!

{Here are the 96 nappies all piled up, it still doesn't look like that many!} 
This took me a good 2 hours, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time.

I brought various things to put into/onto the nappy cake such as baby grows, shoes, skin products and food. I went to Asda for these, they have the cutest clothes, couldn't control myself from 'aaaahhhhh'ing in there!

[Baby Grows: Panda Romper & Hat Set, £5.

[George Bodysuits: Short Sleeve & Sleeveless]

[Johnsons Baby Products: Baby Oil, Baby Shampoo, Baby Bath, Cotton Buds.
Heinz Baby Food: Egg Custard with Rice.]

I then started to tie up and form the layers of the Nappy Cake.

[Layer 1: 7 Nappies. Layer 2: 18 Nappies. Layer 3: 29 Nappies & 6 Baby Grows]

I kept the first 2 layers simple, and then added the baby grows to the third to create a pattern around the outside. This was quite hard to do and occasionally I needed help to hold the knot while I doubled it.

For the fourth layer I had so many nappies left but not enough to create a whole nappy base, so I used a bit of initiative. 

I used the cotton buds and one of the baby grows to create the 7 nappy middle. I put the panda hat over the top to hold it together and then used the rest of the nappies to fill in the base layer. I was then 5 nappies short so used the other monkey baby grow for the front and the 4 pots of Heinz Baby Food for the last 4 spaces! I was so lucky how that worked out! But that's why I believe you may need more that 96 nappies if you want 4 tiers - unless you want it exactly like mine!

Then for the final touches! 
I put the layers on top of each other, added blue 'New Baby' ribbon, and set things out to make it symmetrical. I used the Mummy's Little Monkey Bib which came with the Baby Grow on the top of the cake and then placed the cutest monkey on top.

Jelly Cat is my favourite brand of soft toy. I have my own collection of the Cats from Jelly Cat, my mum has brought me them every year for christmas since I was 7, so it's always my go-to brand. And they don't just sell cats and monkeys - they have almost anything!
This is the Medium Slackajack Monkey, he costs £22 but he's definitely worth it!
(He looks very different to the website)
I think he's the perfect topper for my Nappy Cake!

And there you have it;
My Very Own Nappy Cake!
Hope this is slightly helpful with what to get and how many nappies to buy etc!

& I hope you like it!

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