Monday, 1 September 2014

September Wishlist

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1-3. Hair Scrunchies.
When they first came back in fashion months ago I really slated them. But, being one that has to have her hair up for work, I can't complain when they make my awful up-do look just a little bit cuter can I! I already have so many, but I just want more!
You can get them from everywhere but New Look have the best selection in my opinion... and new velvet ones!

4. Matte Nails, £6.
I always look at these but never buy them in Topshop. I think it's time I invested, and I love this colour; 'Unfold'. Other favourite colours of mine are La Cucaracha, Lightening Dust and Photofinish.

5. Gilet, £65.
I absolutely fell in love with this gilet in Topshop the other day. It's so soft, so thick and warm and I absolutely love the colour, it's a little different from all the others. They also have it in Black, Red and Pink

6. Ripped Jeans, £25.
Ripped Jeans are back! I thought it was a bit strange at first, the last time I had ripped jeans I was about 10, but they were huge and flared and DIY with a cheese grater. I'm in love with these new skinny high waisted ones that are everywhere. Topshop have the best range, but I found these at Bank as I would love a black pair.

7. Gold and Pink Flower Necklace, £7.99.
Big chunky necklaces are my fave and this one's also girly. New Look has a big range of necklaces, and no does Topshop. I like this neutral colour one because it can go with anything.

8. Canon 5D Mark III
I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE. SO SO SO EXCITED I CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN! It should have been number 1, not number 8! It's the most beautiful camera I've ever had the privilege to use. I've wanted this camera since last year, and now I'm living at home and don't have to pay for rent, my student loan is going on this. Can't wait to be excited about photography again. There are also a few lenses and a flash I may be looking at getting, and a new camera strap. This one is cute and floral from Etsy.

9. Handbag, £20.
I am desperate for a new bag, my bag at the moment is about 5 inches wide, and doesn't fit anything more than my keys and phone and a card in it! This one from River Island is lovely, but there are many more I have my eye on. It might take me a while to decide!

So, I think that maybe I want too much... especially as all of my money is going to be going on that camera! (No regrets!)
Maybe I'll be able to get myself a few of these treats anyway..

What's on your September Wishlists'?


  1. Woah, that camera. I want it, it's so ahh it's so extravagant! Also I love those scrunchies, they're so cute :) I really want scrunchies but whenever I'm out and see them I never buy them but I'm not sure why because they're so cute!x

    1. I know, I'm so so excited! Even if it is going to make me so so poor haha!
      I LOVE IT!
      you should definitely get some scrunchies, you won't regret it!


  2. A Duster Coat (which I have featured on my blog post: Fall '14 Basics) and some ripped jeans by TOPSHOP, oh soo many pairs of jeans from TOPSHOP haha

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