Monday, 18 August 2014

Maldon: An Essex Day Out

As the summer holidays are half way through (and they'll be over before we know it!) we decided to take the girls for a day out at Promenade Park.
They were so excited to go to the Splash Park and were speaking about it all morning! But as we got settled and ready to eat our lunch, the English summer decided to take over, the grey clouds rolled in and it absolutely poured with rain! So we took shelter under a tree and had our picnic there instead while other's ran for cover too!

After a while, the sun finally came back out and we managed to go have a normal picnic again in the sun and it eventually warmed up again too, with help from a hot chocolate!

We then decided, since the sun wasn't properly out yet, to take a walk around the salt water lake. 

We all walked around the river front, towards the Byrthnoth Statue - a statue of a man who was once in the battle of Maldon. He lost his battle, but inspired many other Anglo-saxons in their future battles; a nice little lesson for everyone there!

The low tide meant that we were able to walk right on the river bed, which was squelchy and messy - perfect for the kids! But Amelia decided just walking on it wasn't fun enough and slipped over into the mud (bless her!) She was also wearing her brand new white cardigan! Oops!

And then, the sun finally came out for the kid's favourite part... 

Maldon's splash park was pretty good - I wish I had been young enough to go in. It was perfectly clean, well looked after and had a big selection of water objects for the kids. 
I definitely recommend it to any of you in the Essex area, or even just outside! The whole of Promenade Park is worth a visit, but the Splash Park is just an extra positive for the little'ns!
Summer Splash Parks are becoming more and more popular around the UK, so if you'd like to visit one but don't live near Essex, have a little search on Google to find one closer to home!

& finally, we went and made friends with cute puppies...

... treated ourselves to ice-creams...

... & watched the boats sail up and down, and the dogs take a dip in the lake!

Malden is actually quite pretty in the sun, you should get down there if you can, there's so much going on this summer you'd be a  fool not too!

The girls obviously enjoyed their day!

Whether you live in Essex or not, a country park is a great day out - and also very cheap!
Get yourself to your local park with a picnic and enjoy the fresh air and sun while you can!

Hope everyone's enjoying their summer,


  1. Looks like you all had a fab day despite the British weather putting a dampner on your picnic

  2. Adorable! <3 <3 <3
    The water park looks so fun. :o)


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