Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Marks Humans Leave Are Too Often Scars

I caved. I gave in and read 'The Fault in our Stars'. I've seen so much about it all over the internet that I just thought - surely this book must be so amazing that I really cannot be the only one missing out...
Yes, the book is amazing and I am so glad I read it, but I wish my timeline hadn't of been spammed with it because I had much higher expectations that what should've been. However, that's not me slating it, that's just me being disappointing in you all for making me believe this book was the most amazing story of all time! The reason I'd say I was disappointed was because of the cross-reference to another book that Hazel Grace and Augustus read, 'An Imperial Affliction' ... when that was quoted it was like speaking in riddles and I hate it when people speak in riddles. 

Other than that this story is a truly emotional, indulging, fearless story - it's not just about 2 cancer kids, its about love and friendship and just proving that you can make your mark on this world. You don't have to save 1000 people, or stop global warming, or save the tigers from extinction or whatever. You can just leave a mark on one person, and that in itself is a huge achievement. I would still recommend this book to anyone that still hasn't read it and is really far behind like me...
I can actually see the film of this being better than the book, so I'm excited to see it! I did try to go to see it this evening but I got caught in traffic and missed the first 20 minutes! Guess I'll have to wait for it to come out on DVD now! 

I did however, get the see 'The Purge - Anarchy' which I thought was gonna be crap to tell the truth, but I was pleasantly surprised! (I love a scary film no matter how much I jump at them!) Think I'm going to have to watch the first one now too!

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I also went to Stapleford Aerodrome with my family to take my Grandad and Granma out for the day. They have a lovely little cafe there where we could all eat and watch the little aeroplanes come in and out across the field through the window. I think he really enjoyed it, which was lovely. If you live in Essex, or are near visiting, I would definitely recommend the day out here - or it doesn't even have to be a day, it's just a lovely atmosphere to visit!

Hope that everyone's had a lovely day,
If anyone feels the same way about TFIOS please let me know,
I feel like I'm letting it down!


  1. I loved TFIOS when I read it but I definitely agree it didn't live up to all the crazy hype! If you haven't already you should try reading "Looking for Alaska"- it's my second favourite John Green book! xx

    1. Have you seen the film, is that living up to the hype!?
      I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking it though!!

      I have been looking at John Green's other books online so if you're recommending that one, I'll get that first! Thank you!


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