Monday, 14 December 2015

Reasons Why I Love The Shoebox Appeal

As per usual, I'm delayed on my christmas boxes due to laryngitis striking.. AGAIN!
I had forgotten about my shoeboxes while I was feeling sorry for myself until my Great Aunt, Joan, reminded me that before she had her stroke she would do between 80 and 100 for underpriviledged children. Samaritan's Purse definitely loved her.
I thought I better get my act together and get some boxes going...

The thing I enjoy the most the shoebox appeal (Operation Christmas Child) is that it really gets you appreciating what you have, and what everyone around you has.
These children as so happy to receive toys which to us are so cheap and small - it's a show of perspective.

Last year I did two boxes, a boy and a girl aged 10 - 14.
This year I have done four boxes; a boy and a girl aged 10 - 14 (this is the least popular year group) and a boy and girl aged 5 - 9.
Next year I'm aiming for all six!

I didn't go as mad as I did last year money wise, and watched how I spent my shoebox funds going in shops such as poundland, wilkinsons and primark. If I had of thought about it sooner I would have also ordered things from eBay as many places abroad sell toys for very cheap.

Girl and Boy; Aged 5 - 9

I actually think that ages 5 - 9 are a huge gap and I found this box very hard to fill! 
There are items in the box that a 5 year old would love but maybe a 9 year old... not so much.
It was originally intended to be for the age gap of 2 - 4 but as it was last minute shopping I couldn't find suitable and inexpensive gifts for younger children that weren't a hazardous swallowing risk.

I included things like colouring books, a stuffed toy, musical instruments and balls to play with which I think are suitable for all ages within this category.

Girl and Boy; Aged 10 - 14

Ages 10 - 14 are the least packaged group probably because as they are older it's harder to find suitable things. I headed to poundland for their boxes and found stuffed toys, dominos and a small foosball table that I thought an older child would love.  They also got a yo-yo each as they would be able to grasp it better than a younger child. I also thought plasticine would be fun as they can be creative with it.

Each child got a toothbrush and toothpaste, a flannel and a bar of soap and socks & gloves. 

This is something that I enjoy doing as it gives children some happiness and I feel good about doing it too, as Joey says; "There is no such thing as a truly selfless good deed".

The thing is, Christmas is the time of giving, and the shoebox appeal really does show that.

Did anyone else do the Shoebox Appeal this year?

May x

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