Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Save my Skin...

{2 posts in one day, wow! I'm going overboard!}

If you read my post earlier, 'Spot-Free Holiday Skin {Mini Boots Haul}', you would know that my skin has suddenly broken out and caused a big panic for me - I want beautiful skin in holiday photos!

Well, my mum's a bit of a healthy-eating-fanatic and she absolutely loves Jason Vale AKA The Juice Master and she's given me a couple of juices and smoothies to try over the next few days before I go away as the big amount of goodness should help clear my skin (and give me a health kick before my boozy week!) and surprisingly - they taste pretty good, even to me and I'm super fussy. Here are today's juices...

Summer Breeze

2 Apples
½ Cucumber
½ Lime
Handful of Spinach

This is a juice that requires a juicer to make. Just put it all through and drink it up!
It was actually really tasty and really refreshing - I can see why it's called a 'Summer Breeze'!

Freezer Pleaser

2 Apples
Handful of Mixed Berries
1 Banana
3 Spoons Low Fat Yogurt

I love the berry and banana smoothies, they always taste yummy.
I see berry smoothies on these sites all the time - they must be the most popular!
I juiced the apples for this myself, but you could always use store-bought apple juice...
Just put everything in the blender together and whizz it up!
Make sure you blend it together for long enough, mine was a little bit lumpy still!

Oh! and another important point; Make sure you drink lots of water too!

I love how easy smoothies and juices are, I just really hope they help my skin!
Have any of you done the Juicing Detoxes before?
I think I may do one once I'm home from holiday...
My mum loves them and always looses the lb.'s but I know that might just be her!


  1. I love these posts! I am always up for new 'skin savours'! They all look so yummy, especially freezer pleaser! X

    1. Everyone loves a skin savour don't they!
      Eating clean is such a simple way to make your skin healthier,
      but noone does it!


  2. Cool post. I am a big fan of putting a bunch of healthy things in the blender and see what happens. :D
    Always feel better when I regularly drink smoothies.
    best, Lou

    1. It's the best way to find out what tastes best, you may find something magical!
      I usually do that when I have a few bits left that I need to use up!


  3. These look so yum, I'm defiantly going to try the green one out, I'd say it does wonders for the skin! X

  4. Those look delicious!

    ~ Mikéla Davelyn ~


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