Sunday, 7 September 2014

Favourite Five: Things About Holidays

This is my first scheduled post ever, as this morning at 6:15am I was jet setting off to Zante with my best friends; Jourdan, Hollie and Charlotte! How exciting!
So that's the reason I've chosen to make my Favourite Five this week about going on holiday!

I love to relax when I go away, even though we're going to Zante which is often thought of as a place where all young teenagers go to get drunk and have fun - it is in a way I'm not denying that - but Zante is absolutely beautiful and I visited there last year with my family and it was fantastic. So, here are my favourite five's about holiday's and thing I want to do when I go away:

#1. Cocktails Galore
Well, maybe just alcohol in general. And it's acceptable to drink it at any time of the day! Even for breakfast!
Now, I'm not one to get completely pissed but I do love to have a drink here and there - especially a cocktail. or a pimms!
And for some reason it all just tastes so much better when you're on holiday!

#2. Food, Glorious Food!
I love food on holiday - eating whatever I want whenever I want. One of my favourite things is going out for breakfast on holiday. And anyway, That's why kimonos were created... to cover up the bulge when you're bloated from eating too much! All that hard work and dieting goes right down the pan on the first day!
(It's not a surprise that my first two points are food and drink really, is it!)

#3. Bringing out the Dance Moves
Personally, I am a terrible dancer. I'm that girl you see out that everyone takes the piss out of. BUT when I'm on holiday it doesn't matter - I can pull out all these terrible moves and I'm never gonna see any of these people ever again! May as well have a laugh while I can... 

#4. Waterparks!
We don't have this luxury in England - It's never warm enough! But they're so much fun! I'm so excited to visit Zante Water Village.

#5. Sunbathing... Relaxing...
Basically doing nothing at all. That's what holidays are all about. Taking in the rays, and just chilling. That's another thing we don't get to do here in England! Listening to music, reading a book, having a snooze - which ever really!

I really want to add more - but I can't! This is only Favourite Five! But there's too many things I love about holidays! (Sight seeing, Lie ins, Dips in the pool, Making friends with stray cats - I feel sorry for all of them.)

Hope everyone has a great week - I know I will!
What are you favourite things about holidays? 
I feel like I've missed some!


  1. Oh my gosh that cat gif is amazing! When I'm far away from home I like to act silly too... Like you said, I'm never gonna see these people again so might as well have fun :P



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