Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Weekly Wishes #1

Week upon week I've been thinking of multiple things to add to my to-do list, and it's gradually becoming bigger than I had wanted. Often they're not even things that matter that much, just the little things that always get left behind and forgotten about.
Weekly wishes is an effort to keep myself busy, and doing the things I know I should be ... rather than spending every spare minute that I'm not working watching gossip girl

These 'wishes' are more like goals than wishes, and i'll try and have 3 each week.
Hopefully they'll be things I can make blog posts out of too!

#1. Think of my Final Major Project Idea. 
 So, I usually struggle with thinking of projects and today was my first day back at uni. My last semester is here and it's the big one - so trust me to get complete creative block. AH! I need to do some serious mind-mapping! It took me a very long time to think of last semesters project, which you can see here, so I need to get going early this month!

#2. Eat Healthily All Week.
Me and my mum are gonna try and juice in the day and have a healthy meal at night. Let's see if I can cope!
This includes no chocolate! Chocolate is my Kryptonite. I can't avoid the brownies, the wagon wheels, the mars bars, the snickers bars ... oops, I think I'm dribbling.

#3 Buy a New Lipstick.
I'm a bit addicted to lipsticks, I seem to buy too many, but I only have a few day time colours.
I need a new one!

So, let's see how this goes!
What are your weekly goals?!


  1. Eating healthy is a great wish!! Thanks for sharing <3


  2. Great wishes! I always try to eat healthy, but it always backfires ♥
    Amy xx

    Perfect Imperfections

  3. Eating healthily is my life long wish, like you, chocolate is my weakness!

    Good luck with your wishes!
    Bits & Bobs


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