Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Autumn Walk 1.0

I finally bought myself a polaroid and today I went out for a walk in the beautiful orange and gold countryside in my home town to practise with it... It's safe to say the practise is definitely needed. The Instax210 is a beautiful looking polaroid, very big and the wide angle photos make it more versatile.

 But I really struggled with the lighting in the photos and these were actually taken an hour before sunset so there was plenty of light but the camera still kept forcing the flash, making it seem like a late night walk rather than an early evening one.

I love pictures of autumn and although these aren't terrible photos, they weren't anything like I wanted.
I wish these would've come out in the golden colours that I could actually see.
I think I'll have to go out again into the countryside but with my digital camera next time,
and save polaroid practise for another time!

But at least I finally have one!

May x

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  1. There was a interview with an artist/photographer on radio 4 recently, Womans Hour I think, within the last couple of weeks. The lady had received funding to spend some time on Pictairn Island, documenting what she saw with a Polaroid camera. I can't remember all the in's & outs of it now, the programme was on in the background at the time, but it might be worth looking it up. I do recall her saying that if it was windy she got streaks on her photographs where the inks ran before they dried. It captured an extra dimension that other forms of photography miss completely...

    1. wow this sounds brilliant! am always looking for new inspirations,
      thanks for your help! I'll let you know how I get on!

      May x


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