Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Manicure Monday

I bought a scarf a few weekends ago in the leadup to autumn and I absolutely love it so much but there has been no time for me to wear it because it's been so mild, but today... FINALLY... it has turned slightly colder and I finally had the chance to wear it!

and with every good accessory should come a matching manicure... right?

{You can view all my other nail art on my blog dedicated entirely to nails; The Nailphile}

As with every manicure monday I needed inspiration from somewhere.
This is the scarf from my Autumn Haul, which I got from New Look. It's so big and thick and cosy, it's going to be perfect this winter.

As you can see the colours are slightly different, my nails are slightly brighter than the scarf but I wanted to make them pop a little bit more. 
I even finally managed to find a mustard nail varnish for this when I've been looking for one for so long!

This manicure was created entirely in Barry M Gelly Colours; Mustard, Blackberry and Chilli.
Chilli is actually a lovely colour just on it's own and I'm wearing it on the other hand (I didn't have time to do both hands for this manicure!) It is more of a burnt orange colour than a red like it comes out in these images.

So, I know this isn't the most perfect manicure - but I can see myself improving!
What do you all think?

May x



  1. I have a similar scarf!!! You're so talented! I wish I could do nails like this!!


    1. I love these scarfs at the minute, can't get enough of tartan.
      Thank you!
      You should give it a go, or cheat and use nail wraps - they always look wicked!

      May x

  2. What a pretty nail art idea!



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