Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Autumn Haul and Vodka Treats...

Autumn is here. It's cold, it's damp, it's foggy... and I have no warm clothes.
So I've thrown out half of my old wardrobe that's tatty and unworn and I'm starting again.

Every time I shop, New Look is my go to shop. Their prices are affordable and their clothes are always fantastic quality and it is where everything is from in the haul except the vodka and the nail varnishes.

I've gone for the classic autumn colours here; orange, brown, mustard, burgundy... It's my favourite time of year as far as clothes are concerned because it's cold enough to cover up but not too cold that I can't still wear tights and skirts.

This is a close up of the scarf and necklace that I bought.
The necklace was to match the leather skirt, pictured above, but I can't find it on the internet any more, despite the fact it is still in stores.
And scarves are my kryptonite... I can't resist a cute one and they always make a cute autumn outfit look even better!

Oddka Vodka is fairly new in supermarkets here, so when I bought this I was excited because it sounds so unique.
I haven't tried it yet but I'm planning on making cocktails with it, so keep your eyes peeled for some great autumn cocktail treats!

This skirt is my new favourite item in my wardrobe. It can be worn both day and night and the colour matches almost anything.
The glitter Essie is from a brand new Luxe Effects range and will be in an upcoming blogpost for a manicure I will be doing.
The earrings from this image I bought purely for the pair in the middle - and then a friend complimented them and asked if they were from Pandora... WINNING!
No, they're £3.99 from New Look!

I also got these totally amazing Harry Potter socks from Primark, I couldn't resist! 
For only £2.50, why not let your inner Harry Potter geek out!?

What are your autumn staples?

May x



  1. I love everything here! The jumpers and skirt are so pretty that I might have to make a quick trip to New look soon!

    Rambling Makeup

    1. You definitely should, it's by far one of my favourite shops!

      May x

  2. I adored this post, everything is so chic and Autumnal, I love that skirt in particular. Ha scarves are my kryptonite too, they just lift any outfit! Those Essie nail polishes look really nice, look forward to your upcoming blogpost. Will have to check out New Look sometime!! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you, I've just been to centerparcs and took all of this with me thinking it would suit the scenery haha!
      I love essie... it works so well and lasts so much longer for me than any other brand!
      You will definitely have to go to New Look sometime - it's good for everyone!



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