Tuesday, 29 July 2014

He's Just Not That Into You

If you have read my previous post, Turning Twenty, you will know that I have recently been through a very hard break up. Although, let's face it, no break up is particularly easy and I know I'm not the only one dealing with it. That's why 'He's Just Not That Into You' has suddenly appeared in my life. I am telling you to read this one - you will not regret it! Forget Shakespeare, this should be a compulsory read for all GCSE girls; this would be the real life lesson!

My friend recommended this book to me back in February; "Honestly May, It will just make you feel woman power". Stupidly, I never read it back then but in hindsight I really should have. It's a 'wake up and smell the coffee' kind of book. A book that shows you that you don't have to take no shit from no man - especially one who is supposed to love you, protect you and care for you.

In all honesty, I am still completely heartbroken about my break up. Five years of love and happiness doesn't go away that quickly and one little book isn't going to change that. But what this book does have is insight, wisdom and most definitely a lot of inspiration... Inspiration for women, like myself, to change the way they feel about men.

When I first went to read this book I wasn't sure that opening it was a good idea and thought it would just upset me even more. No one - especially me - wants to admit that the person you're into isn't into you. How wrong was I. This book is light hearted and humorous but covers the serious edge of break ups absolutely perfectly. Yes, it may make us women look slightly looney and obsessive - but that's what we are, isn't it?! We have to laugh at ourselves and learn from our mistakes and this book points us in the right direction for change.

It covers absolutely everything that a guy does wrong and that proves he's just not that into you; from the more simple things like not asking you out, not dating you and not having sex with you to the more serious things like cheating, drinking, disappearing and being abusive. Despite all these negative stories, it proves to you that you are worth better...
"You already have one asshole, you don't need another".

Everyone needs a Greg in their life, just to keep us under control when we do turn into the crazy ex-girlfriend (we've all been there). And we all need a Greg just for the things he says. He may be extremely blunt, but his humour gets us through the hard times and actually stays imprinted on our minds. And, he can get away with it too. Somehow he tells the truth, without bringing us to tears!

The chapter that hit home most for me was 'He's just not that into you if he's having sex with someone else'. This is the chapter that I had to take a deep breath before I read - the chapter I was dreading. It also turned out to be my favourite chapter. Greg has made me realise that I deserved better. I didn't deserve the heart break, or the cheating, or the pain. And I deserve someone who won't cheat on me and make me feel that small ever again. I deserve a man in my life that if we have a problem he should talk to me about it, 'not put-his-penis-in-a-strange-vagina about it'. That's right, another Greg quote. A brutally honest but totally true and hilarious quote.

So girls, I suggest whether you're having relationship troubles now, or you have in the past, or if you're getting over a break up or coming into a new relationship - no matter what's happening in your love life - read this book! We should all remember, we deserve better. We deserve a man to make us happy; a man that won't make us cry ourselves to sleep. This book is inspirational for us women. No mumbo-jumbo. This book could save our generation who could be wasting our times waiting by the phone.

So go girls! go, go go! Go read 'He's Just Not That Into You' - you won't regret it.
And then go find your man - and don't waste your time on the ones who don't deserve it.

I think I'll go watch the film now :)

I just watched the film! After all the woman power you accumulate from reading the book I suggest you don't go back on yourself by watching the film. Yes, there are lots of stars in it (Including Bradley Cooper who is so hot) but it also goes back on almost everything the book has said. The man who left you after 7 years because he wouldn't marry you probably won't change his mind, if only he would. The guy who's cheating on his better half with you probably won't leave you for her, and if he did, surely he'd do the same to you too. The guy who cheated on you and then left you probably won't come running back five years later and marry you {even if you want him too}, and the happily ever after that you're looking for with the man you marry too quickly definitely won't happen. The film is full of a false sense of hope. The only thing that you should note is that the woman who's husband cheated on her did actually leave him and throw his lying arse out of her house. That should always be real life. So don't watch it, not just yet anyway! Don't give up all the good feeling you just earned from the book.


  1. Heard about this book a few times, think I might pick it up as I am looking for some good reads on vacation! X Sjoukje from www.lemontierres.com

    1. you definitely should, i've never loved a book more! xx

  2. i definitely want to read this now! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/07/white-mesh.html xx

  3. Hopefully you feel better soon! Great post :) very inspiring, your helping a lot of girls out there, keep doing what you do! Of course I had to follow <3


    1. Thank you, it's nice to get good feedback! I think us girls have to try and stick together - when it comes to horrible men, we only have each other!
      Hope it's helpful to you too!


  4. I think I watched the film ages ago and didn't really like it because of the reasons you pointed out - the false hope and 'happy ending' that everyone seemed to end up with just seemed unrealistic. Would love to get my hands on the book at some point!

    Megan // Lazy Thoughts


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