Sunday, 20 July 2014

Favourite Five: Bikinis

Summer is here! Even in England, so it must be official! And with the sight of sun, blue skies and butterflies I've decided to book a holiday.
I'm only 20, and since I was in a long-term relationship from the age of 14 and would go on holiday with my boyfriend instead, I never got the chance for a girls holiday. Well, since we split about 3 weeks ago; I think I've finally found my chance!

I have got my girls together ready for a girly week, and we are now booking for a week in Zante!
I'm so excited, I really feel like I'm starting a new chapter of my life - and what better way than to start it with my girls!

I started to think of what I've got; holiday clothes, shoes, bikini's .. OH MY GOD BIKINI'S!
I get so excited about them! I'm not thin, or toned or have the 'perfect' bikini body but there's something great about a nice bikini! However, whenever I look online, in magazines, on blogs I always feel like all I find is overpriced bits of cloth - considering they cover basically nothing, it amazes me how expensive they can be!

So here are my favourite 5; the cheaper but still as lovely alternatives...


Topshop is always my first go-to website, even though I still think it's a bit pricey for what they sell considering it's "high street" fashion; Especially considering I'm a very poor student!

However, this beautiful daisy print high waisted bikini instantly caught my eye. I love daisies any way so I just fell in love! I love that its on black too, you don't often get that with bikinis. 

Unfortunately you have to buy the top and bottoms separately
{that always puts me off because I feel like it's another way to steal my money} but they're totally worth it!

Bikini Top: £22
Bikini Bottoms: £18


This was my favourite find from River Island; simple but pretty - exactly what I like. The floral print isn't too girly but still feminine and the fact that it has so many colours is great because it means you can match so many nail varnishes, accessories and cover ups with it - another holiday must!

Bikini Top: £15

Bikini Bottoms: £10


Simple, Easy and EXTREMELY cheap... what more could we possibly want? Thank you, Matalan!

I love this yellow one, what's more summery than the colour of the sun?! But there a range of other colours if you feel like you're not loving this neon look; light blue, navy, hot pink and black.

Bikini Top: £5
Bikini Bottoms: £4


In jumps Primark! The saviour of everyone who has a tight budget, especially us students. Granted - they may not last as long, but lets face it when you live in England you don't get to use bikinis often any way! 

I loved the colours of this, it looks very artistic. The shape of the bikini is also different to many others I've seen; top and bottoms. The only problem is, I've just got to hope they have it in store.. WHEN WILL YOU GET A WEBSITE, PRIMARK??

Bikini Top: £4
Bikini Bottoms: £3


I loved this bikini as soon as I saw it, probably because it reminds me of the high waisted leaf print bikini from Top shop that I so desperately wanted and couldn't get last year!

It's just so tropical.

Slightly more expensive than the last two, but I suppose the quality will be better...

Bikini Top: £18
Bikini Bottoms: £16

Bikini Shopping has made me way too excited and I'm not even booked up yet!!

Any one else found any beaut bikinis and off on their holidays soon!?


  1. Love that first bikini! Looks perfect! Have a good holiday! :) x

  2. i love that high waisted bikini! id love it if youd comment back xx


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