Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Recently I have been having the craziest dreams; random people, random places, random things... It's all just completely random.
Dreams amaze me, I don't understand how during the day as our lives go on around us we have this sense of normality and although some of us can be slightly strange none of us have the ability to think up these wild stories while we are conscious.

I have always been a crazy dreamer and have had a dream book under my bed for a few years which I write my dreams in when I wake up and can remember them. I have also always been interested in the analogy of dreams; understanding what they really mean and how these stories in your mind can link so well to your own life. 

When I was 5, me and my family decided to take the plunge and move house. I remember a dream I had around that time very vividly; It was plain black, there was nothing there but I knew I was dreaming. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a cute little penguin with a blue wooly hat and scarf just wiggled along the screen from right to left and then disappeared again - and then I woke up. One of my new neighbours had a dream book then and when she looked in it to see what the penguin meant, it meant I was experiencing a change and unwise behaviour. 

Since then I have been interested in these dreams, in the crazy meanings behind them. I remember a few of my dreams which for some reason have stuck in my mind for many years. It's strange that I have always been a very vivid dreamer, maybe because I am a more creative person? It would be interesting to find out why people dream, and why some dream a lot more than others. 

Anyway; my reason for this post was because last night I had 3 separate dreams. They seem funny now I think about them, random people that I haven't been in contact with for years and people I've never even met - like Professor Snape showing up. And the fact that in one of these dreams I had made the decision to come a nudest with one of my oldest best friends who is male; and who I would definitely not get naked in front of in real life! Naked dreams are apparently one of the most common and often can resemble insecurity and vulnerability - both of which I am feeling at the moment!

I have found this website; dream moods. It is very informative and seems very precise, it's also very popular with the media in America. So if you're interested in Dreams, like myself, I'd advise going to take a look!

I also have the app; iDream. It's perfect for a quick search when you wake up and you can also save your dreams into the "secret journal" if you don't have your own to write in!

That leaves me with one question...

What are you most memorable dreams!?

Funny, Sad, Scary, Happy....

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