Friday, 11 July 2014

15 Random Facts


I figured the first blog post would be the hardest, and since I've been looking through other blogs - this seems like the most popular way to start and get acquainted! so here goes for my 15 random facts about me!

  1. I had a major and rare operation on my hip when I was 16 because my hip bone cracked from being the wrong shape. I was the 2nd person in the UK to have it done!
  2. Back in 2008 a boy named Ali Bellikli, now known as "Myndless Grimes", wrote a song about me called "Be My Girl '08 Wifey Rap". Me and my friends found it hilarious at the time and I turned him down, which was actually quite mean of me. Anyway, turns out he gets the last laugh because he's now doing really well for himself, with over 3,000 fans and counting and producing his own music.
  3. I love quotes; quotes from films, books, actors, characters - quotes from anything! I'm just a sucker for quotes.
  4. I'm named after my Dad's Mum, Mavis. She died when my dad was 12. I'm proud to carry her on with us in my name, I wish I could've met her.
  5. My middle name is Patricia - I used to be really embarrassed of it and never told anyone. But that is after my Mum's Mum; my wonderful Granma. Who I love very much.
  6. No facts post would be complete without 'My favourite colour', would it? Mine is red, or purple - no maybe red. Oh, I don't know... Can't I just pick both!
  7. I love cats so much. Like, not just a little bit, cats are the best creatures in the entire world & if I could adopt them all I would! I also love giraffes.
  8. I am absolutely terrified of injections and needles and just anything sharp. Once I went to have a blood test and I freaked out so much I ran away and locked myself in the toilets for over an hour - the doctors weren't impressed.
  9. I fancy Nick Miller. If you don't know who he is, you're missing out.
  10. I broke my ankle on a cross trainer when I was younger. I thought it'd be really fun to race my best friend in the gym at school and see who could go the fastest. I won! Because I was going so fast, I lost my balance, fell off, my foot went into the machine and it carried on going round. It was a beautiful clean break and I had to have it screwed back together. Despite it being extremely painful it was also extremely hilarious and we still laugh about it now. I wish I could've seen the CCTV.
  11. I really look up to all my Grandparents. They've all done so well in their lives and made the best out of everything. If I'm ever even half as successful and happy as they are, I know I'll be just fine.
  12. I love candles! There's something so lovely and comforting about them.
  13. Unlike so many others - I'm proud to be from Essex!
  14. I don't eat the ends of my sausages. My cousin always brings it up, he finds it really weird. I know it probably is but I just can't bring myself to eat them. Ew.
  15. I want to travel - more than anything. Everyone else seems to be wanting to settle down, move in, have children and get married already. I just want to travel the world.

This has been quite hard! It's hard to think of things that are actually unique.
But it's definitely a personal view of me - and I probably look like a weirdo!

I'd like to get to know my small amount of followers too!
Let me know some facts about yourselves...


  1. How wonderful! Glad to have found you!

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    Lovely greets from germany ;-)


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