Sunday, 13 July 2014

Favourite Five: Photo Apps

I never noticed the effortlessness of smart phone cameras and apps until I too got myself an iPhone. Using these apps and an extremely light and multi-functional device really makes everything so much easier - which is why so many people are on board.

The most popular photography app must be Instagram. Everyone is using Instagram - including all the stars, from Kim Kardashian to Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus to Channing Tatum - they're all loving this new promotional platform. It's simplicity is what makes it so appealing; it's so easy to edit your photos with beautiful filters and so easy to share them with the world.

But Instagram is too obvious to blog about, everyone already knows about that, and Instagram is too easy. Even if it is one of my favourites. So here I am to blog about my other favourites...

1) Tadaa
Tadaa's range of tools are perfect when looking for a more advanced editing app, with the options to adjust things such as brightness, clarity, blur, perspective, grading and much more. There is also a large community of support in Tadaa - perfect for a quick view around the world.
{You can get it here - Free}

2) Instasize
Instasize is a convenient, helpful and handy app. It allows you to post full sized images onto Instagram without cropping, which - let's face it - is often a very difficult task. It also has some nice filters and the opportunity to create a collage and download coloured and patterned backgrounds.
{You can get it here - Free}

3) PicStitch
When you want to get a little creative, PicStitch is a great place to go. You can choose from a variety of layouts, shapes and sizes to create your own picture montage! And it's so easy to use!
{You can get it here - Free }

4) VSCOcam
VSCOcam is perfect and easy for any editing process. VSCO cam gives you the options that you need to do anything you wish to your photos and lets you bring out the best in your shots. This app is a must for any iPhone photographer.
{You can get it here - Free}

5) Afterlight
The best part about Afterlight is the filters which look genuinely like film and add a super vintage feel to your photos. You have the option to add dust, light leaks and instant film effects to your photos at the click of a button. The tools available are also a high quality, giving your images a very professional look once finished.
{You can get it here - £0.69}

There we have it! My Favourite Five Photo Apps! I saved the best 'til last with Afterlight, I'd definitely recommend it as an overall winner.

So, What are your favourites?


  1. I love VSCOcam, pretty much all of my Instagram photos get edited there first :) I've never heard of the first two, I'm going to have a look at them!

  2. Very helpful I've been searching for good cheap apps, thank you!

    Emma Louise | Clutter and Coffee


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