Thursday, 11 December 2014

Magical Christmas Memories

When I was 5, I was round my friend Chelsea's house very late on Christmas Eve.
Our parents were having a laugh and a drink downstairs and me and Chelsea were playing upstairs. 
Now, at 5, Christmas is the most important and exciting day of the year and we both sat up in her bedroom extremely excited and talking about Father Christmas.
We decided, since it was late, that we would look out the window to see if we could see him...

I couldn't tell you how long we were standing there but it must have been a while,
Suddenly, and with almost perfect timing, a white light flashed and glittered across the sky, we both watched it go and squealed with excitement!
We had seen Father Christmas and he was here to deliver our presents!
It was safe to say that night was cut short for my parents, and Chelsea's too, who had to finish drinking and take us home to bed as we were so worried we would miss him!

Now I look back at that memory, I understand that what we believe was 'Father Christmas' could've only been a shooting star and even that in itself to me is a perfect memory to have.
{and the only shooting star I've ever seen!}
I can remember the moment so vividly and the excitement that I felt was unreal - that excitement disappears as we get older and it's such a shame really.

We should keep the christmas spirit going for as long as we can for the generations behind us, and never ruin Christmas for anyone. As we get older most of the good seems to disappear from the world, Christmas is one thing that keeps the good in just for a little while longer when you're a child!

Does anyone have any magical christmas memories to share?

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