Thursday, 4 December 2014

Illamasqua Santa Sack

Since I started contouring recently with Sleek Makeup, I thought it would be a good idea to buy myself some decent make up brushes.
Illamasqua is, in my opinion, a high end brand which sells all the basic necessities.
They don't particularly have a huge range nor a huge range of each product, 
but each of what they do have looks beautiful.

So I've put together the ideal;
Illamasqua Santa Sack!

I stuck to these 4 brushes as I feel like they are the basic 'staples' for make up brushes. 2 for contouring, one for lips and one for eyes - the most important facial features!

I picked everything in similar colours so it would all match and could all be worn collaboratively.
I think these are each great starters when trying out a new product and each have good reviews. 
The colour of the nail varnish caught my eye immediately and looks beautiful, as did the lipstick.
{I'm such a sucker for new lipsticks - ahhhh!}

The santa sack which I used in the photo is this one, from John Lewis.
& It's just so cute!

Anyone else used Illamasqua products before?
or would recommend anything similar or completely different for a beauty Santa Sack?

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