Monday, 22 December 2014

5 Last Minute Thoughtful Gifts

It's not easy being 'on time' with Christmas shopping, especially when you're a student and have no money to buy anything... Suddenly christmas is upon you and you have to somehow save up in a few weeks to buy lots of gifts!

I've used sites where you can print off the voucher, or make up your own and put it in a card or wrap it in a creative way. This is quick and easy and means that whoever you're giving the gift to will have something to look forward to once Christmas is over!

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

This is one of my favourite things as a crazy cat lady, and perfect for a Christmas Gift as it is all booked up well in advance so it's not something you could just decide to do one day. It has to be planned.
Lady Dinah's; £5

Afternoon Tea for Two

Afternoon tea is something that is fancy and great for a day out together, but not too expensive. It's something that you usually wouldn't have time for - which makes it the perfect reason for it to be a great Christmas present!

To Wrap:
Christmas Mug, Printer Voucher, Chocolates, Fancy Tea bags or Coffee

Cocktail Making

Cocktail making is a unique and fun experience, so having this as a christmas present is a fun and exclusive thing for someone to do! and something great for you to both do together.

To Wrap;
Cocktail Glass, Printed Voucher, Mini Alcohol Bottle

Prezzo Gift Card

It doesn't seem like much but a meal out is always something that people really enjoy. Prezzo's is a bit of a fancier place to give someone a gift voucher for but not so expensive that it will break your bank.

Theatre Tickets

There's something amazing about going to the theatre and seeing a show. Whether its The Lion King, Wicked, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Matilda - they're all amazing! You can book tickets online and print off your own 'certificate' to tell someone where they're off to.

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