Monday, 14 March 2016

Rucksack's at the Ready...

I get it... I suck at blogging about my life and all the boring things in it like the cake I baked last week or the healthy meal I forced myself to eat and all the things that everyone else blogs about so I thought I had to blog about myself, but now I have something that I feel is worth writing about and will be personal and relateable at the same time...
I cannot even explain in words how excited I am...

Come the 15th May, Hollie and I will be off on our travels for one month with our Interrail tickets in our hands and our rucksacks on our backs.
We bought our tickets today through the website, and even got 15% off as we're travelling before the 16th May!
Definitely worth looking in to if you're considering backpacking around Europe...
We also opted to insure the tickets for £10, which will be worth it as it will cost a hell of a lot more if they are lost or stolen along the way!

The Interrail Planner is an extremely useful app that I recommend you all to use (although it could do with a bit of tweaking) and we have used it online to plan our journey...
and it's great for my terrible geography skills too!
It also means we can share our journey with you if you click here and you can use it for inspiration and edit your own trip around it too!

{London  >  Brussels  >  Amsterdam  >  Berlin  >  Prague  >  Kraków  >  Budapest  >  Zagreb  >  Split  >  Vienna  >  Venice  >  Zürich  >  Paris  >  London}

So, that's my little starter to get me back into blogging about GOOD things and you know there will be much more to come...
I'm so so excited to share it all with you!

What are your travel plans for this summer?

Love, May x


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