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Christmas Shoeboxes

Christmas is just around the corner and we all spend so much time thinking of what we want and what to get our friends and family that we sometimes forget about those that are less fortunate. 

Operation Christmas Child is an organisation which, with the help of the general public, works hard to get presents to children less fortunate than us all around the world. 
It's not a difficult thing to do, it's not expensive and it's just one way for you to spread some christmas cheer for others who won't really get a good christmas this year.
You can do as many or as little as you like, for a boy or a girl and age groups 2 - 4, 5 - 9, 10 - 14.

As the age groups that struggle the most are boys and girls age 10 - 14, these are the two boxes which I decided to make...

These are the two boxes which I made, I had to rush them a little bit because the deadline is very soon so I just took one trip to Wilko's after work and got almost everything there - that way I didn't end up spending too much either - although I probably could have done it cheaper still. 

I put these 'essentials' into the boxes for both the boy and the girl - I know this is things that these children will need and also a luxury that they won't usually have. You don't have to add all of this but I think it makes a nice extra and the wash bag is so that these children can keep all their things together.

Toothbrush: 80p
Toothpaste: 97p
Soap: 75p
Wash Cloth: 30p
Wash Bag: £1
Hairbands: £1
Deodorant: £1.40

I also added essentials that the samaritans recommend. A hat and gloves each to keep kids warm and some kind of schooling tools - I chose a simple pad and pencils so that they can both write and draw with them. The hat and gloves, especially for the girl, were more money than I wanted to spend, but my Granma knits her own in advance so that is something you could think about doing - or buying in a sale before Christmas!

Boys Hat & Gloves: £4
Girls Hat & Gloves: £7
Pencils: 50p
Pads (x3): £1

And then for the fun part! The toys! Every child deserves toys at Christmas. These aren't huge or expensive - but things that they will really appreciate. I got the boy a 'make your own aeroplane', bouncy balls and a slinky. I got the girl a little stuffed pig, a harmonica and a yo-yo.

I also think treats are good for christmas, we all love sweet things at this time of year! But unfortunately you can't send chocolate, so I found these large lollies for the kids to have in their parcels.

Slinky: £1
Bouncy Balls: £1
Make Your Own Plane: £1
Santa Lollipop: £1
Stuffed Pig: £1.50
Ladybird Yo-Yo: £1
Ladybird Harmonica: £2.50
Pink Swirl Lollipop: £1

Overall, I spent a lot more than I needed or wanted to, but because I was in a rush I didn't keep tally of what I spent and just wanted to get out of the shops!
But these kids will really appreciate it, but they will also appreciate everything you give them so no matter how much money you have, spare a few quid to make a Christmas box for people who have a little bit less than you.

If you want to get involved,
make sure you get your boxes done soon and hand them into your nearest collection point.
Or get your boxes done for next year and do a few extra - spreading the cost across the year!
My Great Aunt used to do about 50 a year!
You can even get good little stocking fillers and mini gifts for the boxes in the January Sales.

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  1. I make a shoebox every year! I love doing it and taking the time to choose some special bits and pieces to go with the toothbrush/toothpaste etc.

    Heather x


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