Friday, 28 November 2014

Camden Town

I do love a day out in London, it's so close to home and I don't make the most of it like I should.
There's so much culture and so much to do. 
Everyone thinks a London day out is really expensive, but it doesn't have to be!
I spent the day in Camden with my mum, just having a look around the market and getting some food.

Now, normally we would eat in the market, as there's so much to choose from and at such cheap prices. But today we both fancied a drink so we decided to go into a little pub by the lock. Its all pretty basic food, we had a chicken burger and a halloumi burger, but it was nice and the view was too. But I would probably choose to eat from my usual little Mexican next time, it does the best burritos ever.


We went walking round the market shops and found this most crazy and scary taxidermy vintage shop ever, 'Fleming Antiques'. I hate things like this and seeing a big old deer head staring at me freaked me out but I also wanted to go in and look - it's not something you see every day. But I definitely wouldn't want a dead animal of my own hanging in my front room.

The rest of camden is good though, and apart from the food stalls it's dead animal free!

Record shops, food stalls, walks around the canals and a clothes and accessories market - as well as many other things - Camden is a perfect day out, and also can be very cheap. You don't have to buy things, you can simply just look round and its still a great day out! It's a very unique part of London so if you haven't visited already - make sure you do - there's something for everyone!

What's your favourite part of London - or Camden!?

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  1. Great pictures!! I want to visit Camden Lock so bad. :)


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